Lattice – Solo Tour Spring 2017


Heading out this week on the final leg of a massive solo tour this spring that’s taken me across the entire United States. I’ll be working on my solo approach for a recording to be released on Aerophonic Records late this year, as well as working with local improvisers in every town I hit along the way – some old friends, and plenty of new collaborators, particularly in places I rarely visit. The working title of this project is Lattice. Looking forward to this sprawling journey, and many thanks to the City of Chicago Dept. of Cultural Affairs and Special Events for helping to make this trip possible through their Individual Artist grant program.

Ballister – new records and European tour 2017


Ballister hits the road in Europe in March of 2017 with two new recordings from our last European tour in March of 2015.  SLAG, a new cd coming out on Aerophonic Records (AR013) documents a live concert from London’s renowned Cafe Oto, while LOW LEVEL STINK, a limited edition vinyl LP on the Belgian label Dropa Disc, documents our Antwerp concert from one night prior.  Scroll down for upcoming dates in March.  We’ll also be touring North America in October of 2017!

Polynya & Perihelion


Polynya Front CoverPerihelion Front CoverComing soon on Aerophonic RecordsAR011 | Polynya by Gunwale, and AR012 | Perihelion by Rempis/Abrams/Ra + Baker.

They’ll be available at gigs beginning April 22nd, and online at Aerophonic Records beginning Tuesday, May 31st.

Neutral Nation Out Now!!


Neutral Nation Front Cover

Aerophonic Records digital-only release 003 is now available! Neutral Nation features the ongoing collaborative horn trio of Larry Ochs, Darren Johnston, and Dave Rempis, and was recorded live in Buffalo, NY during their May 2015 North American tour. This release is out just in time for the trio’s April 2016 tour on the West Coast…see dates below.

Aerophonic Digital 002 now available!


Wistfully, the second digital-only release from Aerophonic Records is now out, featuring a special recording I made for Austrian National Radio in November of 2013 with long-time colleagues Elisabeth Harnik on piano and Michael Zerang on percussion.  Get your copy today!

Aerophonic launches new digital-only series!


Aerophonic Records is pleased to announce the first in a new series of digital-only releases, Green Knights by the long-time working band The Engines.  This new digital-only series aims to document important work that may have otherwise fallen by the wayside, including groups that may no longer be active, or ad-hoc groupings that may have only had one performance.  While some of these documents may not have the legs for a full-scale release, we’re happy to be able to make them available to Aerophonic Records fans for the first time.  Check out the new recording here!

Aerophonic 009 and 010


Aerophonic Records 009 | Western Automatic by the Chicago Reed Quartet and 010 | Cash Carry by the Rempis Percussion Quartet are now available at  Buy yours now!

Now out on Aerophonic…


AR 007 | From Wolves to Whales, with Nate Wooley, Pascal Niggenkemper, and Chris Corsano, and AR 008 | Worse For The Wear by Ballister!!  Both are available now from the Aerophonic Records website in hard copy or high quality FLAC download format.

Aerophonic 005 & 006 now available!!


Aerophonic Records 005 | Naancore, and 006 | Spectral are now available at Aerophonic Records.  (  Naancore features Rempis alongside Norwegian electronics whiz Lasse Marhaug, while Spectral showcases the working trio of Rempis alongside Bay Area improvisers Darren Johnston and Larry Ochs in an all horn format.  Pick up your copies directly from the label now!!


Spring Tours


Just got back from two weeks in Europe with The Rempis/Daisy Duo – 8 countries and 13 concerts in 14 days!  Check out some youtube clips from our concerts in Charleroi, Belgium and Copenhagen.  And scroll down this page to find the complete list of upcoming tour dates this spring, including Ballister in the U.S., and several festival appearances in May with Wheelhouse, Ken Vandermark’s Audio One, and Rempis/Abrams/Ra.



»The next Aerophonic Records releases are ready to mail!!  AR-003, Second Spring, is a brand new duo recording with long-time collaborator Tim Daisy, and AR-004, Aphelion, is a trio with Joshua Abrams and Avreeayl Ra.  Advance copies are available only through the label website until the official release date on January 21st, 2014.  They ship immediately, and will include free domestic shipping or reduced price international shipping on all orders of both cd’s.

Second Spring CoverAphelion Cover


Downbeat Reviews



Introducing Aerophonic Records


After much reflection over the last two years, I’ve finally decided to take the plunge, and start a record label!  Although it’s something I’ve considered for a long time, several things drove home the need to do this over the last few years – working with labels who put records out late, or not at all.  Being turned down by a label who I’d worked with several times over the years for a new project as they were scaling back.  Putting out releases that I was quite proud of that got zero critical attention because the label put zero work into doing any promotion.  It seems more and more clear that the era of the non artist-run record label is done…

So, I’m really happy to announce the birth of Aerophonic Records.   We’ll debut later this spring with two brand new releases featuring two of my oldest and most disparate projects musically – The Rempis Percussion Quartet, and Wheelhouse.  (In fact, this will be the first recording issued by Wheelhouse, even though we’ve been working for 7 years!!)  Cd’s are already off to production, and a tentative release date is set for May 28th for both cd’s.

Moving forward, I look forward to a regular release schedule of 2-3 recordings per year, documenting many of the projects that have been sitting on the sidelines as I’ve depended on other people to bring the projects to fruition.  But…no longer!  Looking forward to releases that look good, sound good, and coordinate well with my touring schedules, etc…quite a change from the last couple of years….







End of Year Wrapup


A few friends passed on some unique artifacts over the course of this year….here’s a few to check out:

Steve Lacy’s notes on instructions he got from Monk – 1958

A memo re: the new Miles Davis record



A letter to “Peter Brotzman” addressed to the Hungry Brain in Chicago. Downbeat – feeling the pulse of jazz…..


European Solo Tour 2012


Just got back from three weeks in Europe, doing a “solo” tour for the second year in row.  What a blast once again….duos with Elisabeth Harnik in Austria and Marc Unternährer in Lucerne.  Trios with Toby Delius and Tristan Honsiger in Berlin, and Joshua Abrams and Tomeka Reid in Poznan.  A quartet with Waclaw Zimpel, Wojciech Trzacyk, and Pawel Szpura in Warsaw.  Solos in Krakow and Paris, and trios with Ramon Lopez and Sophia Domancich, as well as Ramon and Benjamin Duboc to finish it out.

Also ran into friends Lisi Schwitzer, DD Kern, Clementine Gasser, Christof Kern, Ken Vandermark, Michael Thieke, Mazen Kerbaj, Mike Reed, Jason Adasiewicz, Nate McBride, Paal Nilssen-Love, Ingebrigt Håker Flaten, Nick Kashian, Mary Halvorson, Tomas Fujiwara, Taylor Ho Bynum, Marek Wajda, Wawrzyn Makinia, Ania Adamska, Marek Winiarski, and Alexandre Pierpont, just to name a few!!

Dave Rempis solo Souffle Continu Paris 30nov2012 part 1 from NO MORE RETURN on Vimeo.

Dave Rempis solo Souffle Continu Paris 30nov2012 part 2 from NO MORE RETURN on Vimeo.

Percussion Quartet back on the road….


European Solo Tour


November 29th:

I just got back last week from a few weeks in Europe, travelling around by myself, and playing with different musicians in Amsterdam, Berlin, and Vienna, as well as two solo concerts in Poznan and Warsaw, Poland.  It was an incredible experience on many levels…..friends in Chicago keep asking me how it was, and I think the easiest way to answer that is by listing some of the folks I played with, saw play, and hung out with….

John Dikeman (saxophone), Jasper Stadhouders (guitar), Terrie Ex (guitar), Onno Govaert (drums), Wolter Wierbos (trombone), Rozemarie Heggen (bass), Michael Vatcher (drums), Adam Simmons (reeds), Clayton Thomas (bass), Steve Heather (drums), Toby Delius (reeds), Mike Majkowski (bass), Michael Zerang (drums), Christof Kurzmann (electronics), Franz Hautzinger (trumpet), DD Kern (drums), Martin Brandylmayr (drums), Burkhard Stangl (guitar), Wolfgang Reijsenger (drums), and many more!!

Mats Gustaffson, Ingebrigt Haker Flaten, Paal Nilssen-Love, Paul Lovens, Toby Delius, Joost Buis, Oscar Van Hoagland, Ab Baars, Martin Van Duynhoven, Wilbert De Joode, Fay Victor, Vincent Chancey, Anthea Caddy, Marco Eneidi, Sabu Toyozumi

Sean Bergin, Tristan Honsiger

Jewish Historical Musem (Amsterdam), Jewish Museum (Berlin), Hamburgerhof Museum (Berlin), Modern Art Museum (Vienna), Leopold Museum (Vienna)

Sound like fun?? It was!!  Check out some well-shot video footage from the first concert with Cactus Truck and special guest Terrie Ex from De Kreun in Kortrijk, Belgium here and here.

Umbrella Fest 2011


November 7th, 2011

Just coming off of Umbrella Music Festival 2011, with so many highlights, great audiences, fantastic sets of music, etc. etc. it’s hard to detail it all.  Odean Pope Quartet with Marshall Allen at the Hideout was definitely a highlight, as was Sten Sandell solo at the Chicago Cultural Center.  That would probably get my vote for best set of the festival.  Tons of great press from the Tribune, Sun-Times, Chicago Reader, and TimeOut, including cover articles in the Reader and Sun-Times.  I also had the chance to work with Franz Hautzinger for the first time in a trio with Nick Butcher on electronics.  Some very interesting stuff as I delved into a world that I’m not often associated with….more opportunities to work with Franz later this month in Vienna.

Now heading out for a “solo” tour in Europe, joining lots of new faces for gigs in Amsterdam, Berlin, Vienna, and two solo concerts in Poland….will try to post from the road…

Cupcakes for the after party....

Mike Reed celebrates another fine year....



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