Dave Rempis
– alto saxophone



Dave Rempis solo @ Experimental Sound Studio 8/7/15 (excerpt)

Performing solo is one of the biggest challenges facing any improviser. It’s the most exposed and revealing setting for a musician, and presents a unique set of problems.  Without other musicians to respond to and interact with, the improviser is left to discover a vocabulary completely of their own creation.  Following in the tradition set by Coleman Hawkins and Eric Dolphy, along with living masters of the solo saxophone such as Anthony Braxton, Joe McPhee, Evan Parker, Mats Gustafsson, and Ab Baars, Rempis has made the seemingly unwise decision to attempt some solo performances of his own over the last few years.  Aside from several solo engagements in Chicago, he’s also performed solo during two tours of Europe in 2011 and 2012, with concerts in Berlin, Poznan, Warsaw, Krakow, and Paris.  In the spring of 2017, Rempis plans an extensive solo tour of the United States to develop this work further, and to establish connections with improvising musicians in each city he visits through nightly collaborations.  He also plans to record in July 0f 2017 for a solo release in the fall on Aerophonic Records.  Current confirmed dates are as follows, with a few more in the works!

16 FEB :: Minneapolis, MN | Jazz Central Studios w/Davu Seru, Levi Schwarzberg
17 FEB :: Madison, WI | WSUM (on-air performance)
17 FEB :: Madison, WI | ArtLitLab w/Stray Passage
18 FEB :: Gladstone, MI | Thundersnow Festival w/Hungry Man
28 MAR :: Paris, FR | Souffle Continu

16 APR :: Milwaukee | Woodlawn Pattern w/Russ Johnson
21 APR :: Lafayette, IN | Spot Tavern w/Tyler Damon
22 APR :: Louisville, KY | Dreamland w/Tim Barnes and others
24 APR :: Asheville, NC | The Mothlight w/Tashi Dorji
25 APR :: Columbia, SC | If Art Gallery w/TBA
26 APR :: Raleigh, NC | Neptune’s Parlour w/Shull/Ruccia/Meadows/Menestres
27 APR :: Richmond, VA | Candela Books & Gallery w/Scott Clark & Toby Summerfield
28 APR :: Washington DC | Songbyrd Music House w/Luke Stewart and others
29 APR :: Brooklyn, NY | The Owl w/Brandon Lopez
30 APR :: Boston, MA | The Lily Pad w/Pandelis Karayorgis
03 MAY :: Turner’s Falls, MA | The Brick House w/TBA

04 May :: Buffalo, NY | Hallwalls w/Steve Baczkowski and others
05 MAY :: Detroit, MI | Trinosophes w/Joel Peterson and others
16 MAY :: New Orleans, LA |  Zeitgeist w/Jeff Albert and others
18 MAY :: New Orleans, LA | Allways Lounge w/Rob Cambre and others
19 MAY :: Austin, TX | Cafe Creme
w/Ingebrigt Håker Flaten
20 MAY :: Austin, TX | Austin Jukebox w/Ingebrigt Håker Flaten and others
22 MAY :: Houston, TX | Avantgarden w/Ingebrigt Håker Flaten
25 MAY :: Ojai, CA | Weird Cry Records w/Robert Magill
26 MAY :: Los Angeles, CA | TBA w/S.K. Kakraba, Jeff Parker, Ted Byrnes
08 JUN :: Montreal, QC | Suoni Per Il Popolo w/Aaron Lumley & Michel Lambert
11 JUN :: Berkeley, CA | The Back Room (Rempis/Johnston/Ochs)

13 JUN :: San Francisco, CA | Center For New Music w/TBA
15 JUN :: Seattle, WA | Wayward Music Series w/James Falzone and others
26 JUN :: Chicago, IL | Experimental Sound Studio – discussion about solo tour after performance






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