Rempis Percussion Quartet-1 by George Staicu


Dave Rempis – alto/tenor/baritone saxophone
Ingebrigt Håker Flaten – bass
Frank Rosaly – drums
Tim Daisy – drums

Live @ Moers Festival, May 2009

Live @ The Hideout, April 2011

The Rempis Percussion Quartet is a free-improvising whirlwind that draws inspiration from a shared interest in West African and Latin American rhythms, coupled with American funk and free jazz. Using these influences, the band creates spontaneous music which nevertheless maintains a focus on ensemble motion and compositional structures. Led by saxophonist Dave Rempis (The Engines, Rempis/Rosaly Duo, Triage, Vandermark Five) the band originally formed for a house party in April 2004, and their performances maintain an unabashedly raucous energy based on relentless grooves and unrestrained blowing, tempered with occasional moments of quiet balladry. This quartet has toured regularly in both the US and Europe, with North American tours in 2006 and 2007, and European tours in 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2012 including several major European festival performances.  The band has also released six records, including the limited edition “Circular Logic” (Utech Records 2005) “Rip Tear Crunch” (482 Music 2006) “Hunter-Gatherers” (482 Music – 2007), “The Disappointment of Parsley (Not Two – 2009), and Montreal Parade (482 Music – 2011).   Their most recent release is “Phalanx,” a two-cd set of live concerts from their 2012 European tour that came out in June of 2013 as the first release on Rempis’s own Aerophonic Records imprint.   The band completed their fifth tour of Europe in support that release in September of 2013.












“Rempis covers all the bases, getting down and dirty on baritone, preaching on tenor, but still skronking and squealing as the moment demands. Hatwich’s bass alternates between roles as a free agent—providing commentary—and the anchoring to freer flights of fancy. When drums, bass and saxophone lock onto a riff, they don’t let go, constituting a unit of fearsome power.”
-John Sharpe, ALL ABOUT JAZZ

“Spacing is what makes this quartet thrive, as its playful approach is best felt in the balanced transitions. The harmonic shadings twist and bend, but it’s the way the band allows tension to fester — during (almost) quiet, contemplative moments — that really allows this kind of free jazz to grow.

The name of Dave Rempis’s latest group is fair warning: never before has the saxophonist led a band that hit this hard.”

“…one of the most exciting albums of the year….(Rempis) understands the power of controlled freedom in music, so that this music, even in its wildest moments, retains a sense of order.
–Marc Meyers, ALL ABOUT JAZZ

“Dave Rempis proves himself to be a strong leader and his playing is, as always, powerfully enjoyable.  All of these men are pillars of the underground Chicago jazz/improv scene (members of the Vandermark 5, Triage, Chicago-Lucerne Exchange, etc.)  but it’s in this configuration that their prodigious talents are best expressed.  Needless to say, this is a fantastic record, the record all fans of these fantastic musicians have been waiting for.”
-Justin Glick, WNUR

“A smoldering session encompassing sound worlds beyond the throttling workouts one would expect from the album’s title, Rip Tear Crunch contains subtle shadings and moments of introspective calm.”
–Troy Collins, ALL ABOUT JAZZ

“The Rempis Percussion Quartet’s tremendously propulsive Afrobeat grooves, unending swing, and even breathtakingly quiet moments seem to draw from a bottomless well of energy.”

“After last year’s highly-touted Rip Tear Crunch, Dave Rempis and his dual-percussionist quartet had set the bar extremely high, churning out a critically praised and emotionally charged level of intensity. One year later, Hunter-Gathers, part of 482 Music’s Document Chicago series, has proven that the Rempis Percussion Quartet is one of the most “now” groups in the scene today.”
-Michael Sczajewski, WNUR-FM

“It’s clear that this is a band which has allowed itself the time and space to develop as a unit, and the music is accordingly happening on a deeply profound level……..the strengths and musical inclinations of the members have become symbiotic.

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